At Rascal & Sprout we want shopping for your kiddos to be easy, affordable, fun and good for the planet. We offer an effortless and convenient platform where preloved goods can find a new home.

Being part of a circular economy is rewarding, but we also know that life is real. Saving time is as important as saving money and the planet. This is a one-stop feel-good shop!

We curate a selection of high quality clothing, toys, books, gear and everyday goods for you and your sproutlings. Sell your stuff back to us and keep the good vibes going!


We are lucky to have grown up in a family with a deep love for nature. Between us we’ve got a fair amount of experience in marketing, commerce, design and the natural sciences. We thought we’d combine our skills with our passion to somehow make the planet a little better. So this is our co-hustle.

Thank you for your support, you wíll make a difference!